Motivational Techniques in Teaching

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  • Published: June 26, 2011
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Psychology is one of the crucial subjects designed by human intellect which resolves several problems for humans. One of the techniques used by psychologists is to motivate people for the achievement of specific tasks. They have also designed constructive motivational theories for educational purposes. Today teachers are more successful as compared to the past, as they can motivate their students effectively by using the motivational theories. The purpose of this research essay is to analyze how teachers can motivate their students. The first section is about the definitions of motivation which includes its literal and terminological meanings in psychology and learning contexts. The second section will answer the question that how students can be motivated through mentioning their needs such as competence, autonomy and relatedness. In the last section the essay will focus on two motivational constructs competence perception and goal which can motivate students effectively. For this research essay, it is would be helpful to commence with the definition of motivation. According to Macmillan dictionary motivation is literally defined as a feeling of desire to do something. Thus, when one motivates others one actually creates desire in them for performing a particular job. Furthermore, Bonnie and Cengage (2001) define it as a psychological term that is a force which generates “goal-directed behavior”. Nonetheless, Pintrich and Schunk (2002, pg. 5) believe that motivation is not a creation or production, but rather a process which not only produces but also sustains desire for activities. In the context of learning researchers have minor disputes in the terminological definition of motivation that whether motivation related to learning includes the motivation for performance (Pintrich and Schunk 2002, pg. 6). Brophy (2004, pg. 15) states that motivation in these two contexts are different from one another as learning is associated with the process of information,...
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