Motivational Strategies

Topics: Motivation, Employment, I-Change Model Pages: 4 (1197 words) Published: June 9, 2012
Motivational Strategies and Productivity
Cynthia Henry
PSY 320
June 4, 2012
Sandra Branton, EdD

Motivational Strategies and Productivity
Recent research by Gallup and Harris Interactive polling shows that ninety percent of managers are either disengaged or distracted from key priorities and only ten percent are focused on what matters most to their organizations. More discouraging are the findings regarding employees. Poll results showed that only twenty nine percent of all employees are actively engaged in their job, fifty-four percent are not engaged, and seventeen percent are actively disengaged (Employee Motivation Programs to Optimize Results, 2012). The key to active engagement, performance improvement or productivity is motivation. Body

As best stated by Fred Luthans (Contingency Approach) “the manager’s responsibility in the workplace is to get things done through employees”, also noting that this is easier said than done. Motivation practice and theory are difficult subjects that touch on several disciplines and it is necessary to adapt leadership style to the particular group of workers and the specific job in hand (Advancing Employee Productivity: Accel team development; jobs depend on it. 2012). External or extrinsic motivators play off of fear and incentives. Fear that you better do the job right or you will lose money, job, respect, status, etc., but if you do the job correctly you will gain money, recognition, status, promotion, lifestyle, etc. The impact of external motivation is temporary and when the threat or incentive is removed, motivation is lost (, 2012). One of the strategies used for motivation within our hospital based research department is Empowerment. Now, one would think this would be a great move on the manager’s part. Anderson (2012) says “because even the best manager knows that each employee knows her daily job tasks better than anyone else in the company” The online resource
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