Motivational Methods

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August 30, 2012

Professor Mauricio Lopez

Motivational Methods
When situations arise within a company, motivational methods need to be used to keep the moral of the work force high and productivity flowing. A company that is forced to downsize can lose more than just workers if the transition is not completed effectively. The remaining employees may be demoralized thinking that their jobs may be the next to go. To rectify this issue, motivational methods can be implemented to boost moral and encourage them to keep working in a productive capacity. Motivational Methods

The three motivational methods that may be used are as follows. Create a Positive Work Environment
Creating a positive work environment provides workers with a support system that enables them to feel at ease and appreciated within their position. Management can show support for their staff by interacting with them on regular basis, asking what they need and how they are doing. Members of management who are observant will be able to notice when something is amiss. It's taking these moments and asking staff what can be done to enhance the work environment (Kamery, 2004).

Creating an environment where staff members feel comfortable and secure in their position can help to boost the overall moral of the entire crew. Enabling them to share in the ups and downs the company experiences gives them the opportunity to feel as if they belong to the group. They can offer suggestions and make a concerted effort to help improve the company from the ground up.

A positive work environment is one where encouragement replaces criticism and team work is favored over isolation. Bringing workers together in a positive environment fosters companionship and creativity in a group setting. Taking one idea and putting it in front of several people who are dedicated to working together can lead to a variety of options that may not have otherwise been...
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