Motivational Interviewing

Topics: Motivation, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychotherapy Pages: 3 (1210 words) Published: March 31, 2011
Internet Assignment
By Tesa Bunch
Motivational Interviewing: Applications to Christian Therapy and Church Ministry In my research I found a great article titled “MI: applications to Christian therapy and church ministry” the article contains a great amount of good information about MI. The author John E. Martin explains how MI is important to motivate and help people change, for the treatment of psychological disorders and health risk prevention and intervention. Martin says because of its usefulness in promoting changes for a variety of problems and diverse populations and biblically sound concepts and an approach, MI is also suitable for Christian therapy and church ministry as well. John Martin has worked with the creator of MI, W.R. Miller, to spiritually integrate MI to Christian therapy. He states that MI is a separate and distinct style from the traditional Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, in which has been criticized in the Christian context. The “spirit” of MI may fall short of Christian-based spirituality but, Miller & Rollnick state the spirit of MI has three factors: collaboration, evocation, and autonomy. MI promotes a partner-like relationship with the counselor and client that they collaborate with empathy and equality. The counselor supports the client rather then persuades or argues. The counselor will try to draw out or evoke the client’s own perception, goals and values about change. It’s believed that the motivation of change reside in the client therefore the counselor wants the client to bring out his own ideas of change. Furthermore, the spirit of autonomy comes when the counselor encourages the client to take responsibility for his choices and changes. The change should arise from within the client and not from outside sources. The counselor upholds the rite of the client’s self-direction, which creates the autonomy MI is all about change and the client’s motivation to change undesirable situations. To help and motivate a...
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