Motivational Factors Influencing Service Quality of Customer Care Representatives.

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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“Motivational Factors influencing Service Quality of customer care representatives.

Background: Service Quality is one of the critical factors for the success of any BPO organisation across the globe. It is recognised that the superior service quality if sustained will transform into a distinctive competence that would result in creating competitive advantage to the firm. The chief factor that determines the service quality is the employees, as their performance directly influences it. It is also observed that good HR practices resulted in cheerful work environment, motivated employees, increased productivity and superior service quality along with decreased attrition and better results. However, whenever there is bad leadership or inappropriate HR practices, it always resulted in sub-standard performance and high level of attrition, adversely affecting service quality. This influenced the researcher to rationally explore the dynamics of this relationship between motivation tools and service quality in the BPO context.

Purpose: The Research main purpose of the study is to identify “Motivational Factors influencing Service Quality of customer care representatives”. The Study intends to achieve this by creating a hierarchy of motivational factors in the order of its importance in promoting superior service quality. It will also intend to understand the influence of leadership style in improving productivity and maintaining service. Also the role of Role of compensation plans and non-monetary benefit in improving productivity and controlling attritions will be explored. Also the role and importance of organisational values in creating healthy work culture will also be explored.

Design: Research builds itself by summarizing the literature available on Service Quality and Motivation and the inter-relationship between them. It is followed by the analysis of the data sets collected from a survey conducted of 112 customer care agents. The data sets is...
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