Motivation Variables and Second Language Acquisition with Special Reference to Rural Students

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  • Published : December 18, 2011
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Mr. Sawant B.A.
Deptt. of English
Karmaveer Bhaurao PatilCollege Urun-Islampur Tal- Walwa Distt- Sangli 415509.

At the outset of this paper, we confess that the terms Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and Motivation variables are adopted from ELT. If asked to identify the most influential factor in language learning /acquisition, motivation factor would probably be high on most teachers’ lists. Majority learners in India come from rural background as India is primarily an agrarian society. If the learners coming from rural background want to succeed at international horizons, they need to learn/ acquire English which is a second language of India and also a lingua-franca of the world. In this paper, we are trying to find out motivation variables that help learners especially coming from rural background, to overcome fear of English language and to master it.

Meaning of Motivation:
However, the term motivation is rather difficult to define. Yet some scholars invested their efforts in defining the term. Gardner (1985) describes the term ‘motivation’ in the context of second language learning as “referring to the extent to which the individual works or strives to learn the language because of a desire to do so and the satisfaction experienced in this activity”. According to the Pocket Oxford English Dictionary (2004) motivation is 1. The reason or reasons behind one’s actions or behaviour and 2. Enthusiasm. A motivated learner is one who is willing or eager to learn new activities and to progress.

Different Types of Motivation:

On psychological ground, motivation is of two major types:
1. Biological motivation: an inborn motivation that deals with the basic instincts like hunger, thrust, sex, etc and nothing to do with second language learning or acquisition. 2. Social motivation: Man, being a social animal, is motivated by some...
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