Motivation University Students to Wear Uniform

Topics: Coffee, Espresso, Coffeehouse Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: May 10, 2013
II. Literature Review
There are many coffee shops in Cambodia. All of the coffee shop is successful because of many points that relate to their successful. First, they are concentrating on the location, people they look for a shop that will cost them the least rent and tell themselves that their shop will be run so well that people will flock to it. But remember, consumers re fickle and lazy if your shop is not in the right place, whatever you do and whatever you offer, your business will be limited by its location. So don’t commit yourself to any premises until you know how many people will pass by your shop each day. You will be investing a huge amount of your time and money into your new business and you really won’t want it to fail. Put aside as much time as possible to find the position for your shop. Take a clipboard and stand outside popular coffee shop count how many people walk past the shop and how many stop for a coffee. Do this at different times of the day, and different days of the week. Take a note of the nearby shops that are attracting shoppers you need your coffee shop to be convenient for people who shop till they drop and then need refreshment. Moreover the location for parking is also important when the costumer come to your coffee shop they always need the park for their vehicle and keep it safe for them. Second, Consistently serving the finest espresso – It is rare in business to discover a product where consistently offering 100% quality is the best commercial decision you can make. In fact, I am the greatest advocate for the 80% is perfect model. But espresso coffee is one of those rare products where consistent 100% quality matters. Customers will walk past ten other competitors to get the best espresso, which is why this factor alone means you don’t need the highly visible, most expensive location. So buy the best espresso coffee machine (3/4 group Italian made with e61 groupheads and set to the right pump and temperature levels),...
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