Motivation Theories

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  • Published : May 12, 2011
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* What motivation theories can be found in each case study? * Describe the theories found in each case study and cite specific examples. * What was each business owner’s approach to creating high-performing teams within

their company?

Two Men and a Truck

The success story of the company created by Mary Ellen Sheets is a perfect example of exceeding customer expectations; in her business model her approach is to make the moving experience a seamless, painless, and satisfactory event that will not only attract customers, but it will create referrals for their good reputation.

Her approach towards creating highly competent employees to move the customer values with efficiency is a result of the Expectancy Theory, in which the motivation behind their hard work is the belief that if the employees perform at a high- level they could be nicely rewarded, in this case with the motivation to buy a franchise and become owners themselves.

Mrs. Sheets had the vision to plan and predict what the customers expected and instituted a support and training program that allows the employees to learn not only the basics of moving the customer valuables, but also business principles.


In the case of Siemens, Klaus Kleinfeld motivate his team by applying some of the principles of Maslow’s hierarchy; in his case the need to succeed is a clear example of his determination to be recognized and fulfill his self-actualization need.

As Klaus demonstrate to his team his endurance to hard work and dedication, he asks from his team the same dedication and drive to work very hard; in their case he is able to motivate them by telling them if they do not...
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