Motivation Study of Managing English Writing Class in Kjxy

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First and foremost, I would like to show my deepest gratitude to my Supervisor, Ms. Feng Jing, a respectable, responsible and resourceful scholar, who has provided me with valuable guidance in every stage of the writing of this thesis. Without her enlightening instruction, impressive kindness and patience, I could not have completed my thesis. I shall extend my thanks to all my teachers who have helped me to develop the fundamental and essential academic study. Last but not least, I’d like to thank all my friends, especially my lovely roommates, for their encouragement and support.

Playing game in English is one of the effective ways in English study and it is suitable for the development of pupils’ physiological characteristics. From the significance of games in children's English teaching, the thesis introduces the reliability any application of games teaching in English and its importance. The thesis uses research methods such as questionnaires and classroom observation to investigate the effectiveness of using games in the teaching process. This thesis holds game-teaching approach should be adopted in children's English teaching, and also probes into the reliability of using games in the process. From the result, almost all the students show great interest in English learning. Game teaching can arouse students’ interest in English learning.

Key words: English game teaching; interest; effectivenss; primary school

摘 要

关 键 词:英语游戏教学; 兴趣 ; 效果; 小学

Since the year 2001, English has become a required lesson in the primary school from Grade 3. Primary English Teaching Syllabus points out: “interest is a good teacher for pupils to learn a foreign Language. And it's an important task for primary school English teachers to arouse students' interest at present.” How to arouse the interest is the key for language teaching. Playing games in English teaching is one of effective ways which are fit for the development of children’s physiological and psychological characteristics. The game is children's nature. For children, the game is to live, and the life is a game, Playing games can foster children's abilities, such as their intelligence, perception and so on. Many scholars agree that games in the language classroom have been considered a better way to encourage children to work hard and cultivate their interest in clearing English. Children enjoy playing games in their native and this is a familiar experience for children to be introduced to study a foreign language. With the development of society and improvement of civilization, English teaching methods in primary schools are changing. Game teaching has been used from the ancient time. It makes teaching more effective. When teachers use games in English teaching, they must be known that what kind of games can be used. How to play English games? How to design games? This thesis aims to prove the advantages of game teaching in improving primary school students’ interest in English learning. This thesis is divided into 3 parts. The first part is the history and present situations of game teaching .The second is theoretical ideas of this paper, and the advantages of game teaching. To build a cheerful and light-hearted environment, let the students in a relaxed and happy environment to learn English, they will be markedly improved. It begins with the definition of interest, the analysis of the relationship between interest and motivation. The kinds of games, the features of games, the advantages of the games and some advice on how to use games. The last is the experiment, which was carried out...
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