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  • Published: August 18, 2012
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Employee Motivating in Private Organization
By Ali Dahmal Al-Aamri

Project paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of

Master of Business Administration

Open University of Malaysia (2009/2010)


Abstract Business all over the world today is very challenging. Internal and external operating environment factors continue to challenge corporate performance and revenue growth. To stay profitable in the highly challenging and competitive global market economy, all the factor of production - men, machine and materials – should be wisely managed. Among the factors of production the human resource constitutes the biggest challenge because unlike other inputs employee management calls for skillful handling of thoughts, feelings and emotions to secure highest productivity. Employee motivation delivers long-term benefits in the form of high productivity. A motivated employee is a valuable asset which delivers immense value to the organization in maintaining and strengthening its business and revenue growth. The attached project paper studies employee motivating in private organization. This is accomplished through the six main chapters of this project study which includes: Introduction, Research Methodology, Literature Review, Data collection and Analysis, and Summery and Conclusion. The survey/questionnaire research method was used as the basis for the research design and results of this survey is analyzed and discussed. This project paper ends with summery and conclusion.




Application to conduct research paper . 1. PART A: STUDENT’S PARTICULAR Name: Ali Dahmal Hamed Al-Aamri Student Number: 51061172

2. PART B: PARTICULAR ABOUT THE PROJECT Title of the project: Employee Motivating in Private Organization Research objective: To identify the factors that promote positive motivational behavior among employees. This in turn would improve customer service, effective time management in each organization....
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