Motivation Practices

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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1. Can Japanese motivation practices work in the United States without being adapted? Why or why not.

 Basically, the Japanese and the Americans have differences in how the company is run. One basic difference is that Japanese practically prioritizes the company above all else. For example, in the case study, it was mentioned that Japanese employees spend more time at work rather than come home at an earlier time. However, Americans leave work at work. Furthermore, Japanese have the tendency to give too much for their employees, rather than their own personal gain. Japanese management practices in the United States cannot work without adaptation. Because Japanese culture is so different than American culture, it would take a lot of acclimation.   The reason it wouldn’t work without adapting is because the values and behaviours of the two countries are so different from each other. For example, the Japanese are very patient and cautious. The opposite is true for Americans, who are action-oriented and risk takers.   For Americans the values include: Action, Freedom, and Equality. For the Japanese, they value patience, harmony, and hierarchy. In order for Japanese management practices to be used, Americans would have to learn to take on the Japanese values and adapt to the differences in culture. The Japan way of thinking cannot be easily taken in by an Anglo-American workforce; therefore, great care must be taken before any changes are implemented. In Chiba's case, they took it a step at a time, and were successful in the endeavour they chose to take.  Furthermore, an American firm can indeed learn much from Japanese firms. Japanese firms manage based on the founding values and goals of the company. Many factors are put in place of the values that should be there, in the context of American firm. Also, higher annual capital is attributed to Japanese firms rather than American firms.
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