Motivation Letter for M.Sc in Renewable Energy

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Motivation Letter

The current energy scenario of my country and the global scenario of pollution due to burning of fossil fuel make me thinking about renewable energy. After a critical thinking, I found that if I study Renewable energy then I could be able to combat this worst scenario of pollution in the history of mankind ever. If pollution occurs at current growth rates in the upcoming decades no one can prevent our extinction. Besides, this scenario in the western developed countries there is a totally opposite scenario exists in many parts of the world which includes my country, Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, still 60% of total population is out of grid electricity. To provide grid electricity to this deprived people, a huge investment is required which is beyond the capacity of Bangladesh government. Moreover, Bangladesh has a scarcity of primary fuel. So, considering all this fact, I thought that Renewable Energy is the only solution. If I got a degree in this field, Not only I could be a forefront soldier to mitigate the problem of energy in Bangladesh but also I could also help reducing pollution by replacing existing polluting technologies in the western world. This entire factor influenced me to take the decision of taking a Masters degree in the field of Renewable energy. My undergraduate courses provided me basic knowledge as I have studied energy conversion-1 & 2; Power system-1, Power plant engineering, Power system protection etc. For the typical power generation, our weather is polluted. Carbon is increasing day by day in the air. Using renewable energy is a good solution. It is fully environment friendly system. After influenced by renewable energy, I started my thesis on a topic of renewable energy (PV solar cell inverter) and topic name was “Development of a novel technique for optimizing the performance of SPWM inverters used in PV system”. I also learnt the basic principle, fabrication part of PV solar cell etc. by studying the subject...
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