Motivation letter for robotics studies

Topics: Engineering, 21st century, Knowledge Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: March 13, 2014
It is said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. I want to become that change and influence humanity in the most positive of manner. Becoming such a change is a tremendous task and requires courage, self belief ,motivation and hard work. I firmly believe that I possess all of those ingredients. In order to unleash all the potential I need a breeding ground on which I can strengthen my engineering skills and learn new tools so that I can be better equipped to meet the challenges of the new century. EMARO is an excellent opportunity for students particularly those from undeveloped countries to take a closer look of the analytical thought process of the Europe and take a leaf out of their book full of engineering miracles. As an electrical engineer I am really motivated for a Master’s degree in robotics because I feel that this is the meeting point of the theoretical knowledge and practical work. Theory without practice is like a flower without fragrance. The 21st century is all about automation and control. Robotics is one field where you find the best blend of all the basic engineering and all working together in such harmony. Robotics has influenced the manufacturing industries and it is the heart of biomedical engineering. The space exploration is almost unimaginable to be successful without all those robots doing maintenance jobs at space stations, removing small problems from space shuttles and other such difficult jobs. All these things really attract me to learn more about this exciting field. I have chosen this particular program to fulfill my dream in robotics because its course outline is balanced where one finds best amalgam of theory and practice. Besides this its unique mobility feature will help me to explore dynamic European cultures and relate them better with my culture. Currently I am working as a research engineer in my university where I am working on the autopilot system development for UAV's. It was also my final year project. I...
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