Motivation Letter

Topics: Master's degree, Erasmus Programme, Bachelor's degree Pages: 4 (1224 words) Published: February 24, 2012
Dear Sir or Madame,
I am an undergraduate student in the Department of xxx of the University xxx, from where I am expected to graduate at August 2011, with the note "very good". I wish to continue my studies and pursue a Master's degree in Economics with a further specialisation on the field of Applied Microeconomics. During the semester that I studied at Berlin, through an Erasmus Exchange Programme scholarship and afterwards being on the Board of "Erasmus Student Network" in Athens I learned how to communicate well in a multicultural environment and cooperate with other students being also able to lead projects. Moreover having already studied in a german university and with my excellent knowledge of the german language it will be easy for me to integrate fast in my new environment and be dedicated to the Master Programme's needs. During my internship at the Institute of International Economic Relations in Athens I had the opportunity to research and write reports on the topic of Greek public debt. This way I got acquainted with public economics, a matter that I think is extremely important not only for the states but also for the future of European Union as a whole.  Another topic of Applied Microeconomics that really interests me is Industrial Organisation. I have followed all courses regarding this topic with one of them in Berlin (Spieltheorie, Note 2). Of course the xxx University is Ideal for this specialisation not only for the renowned research centers (such as the xxx),but also because of it's location since (city) is the Capital of Industry in Europe. What is also important is the international environment that this Programme provides. One of the best ways for students to learn is through one another and people that come from different cultures, having also different experiences and perspectives are ideal for that. This is also a way that I will be able to contribute to this Programme, exchanging knowledge and experiences with other peers. What is...
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