Motivation Letter

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Motivation Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,
my name is Lukas Hartmann. I am 24 years old, come from a little village in Germany and I am living since September 2012 in Kolding. I have finished my Gymnasium in 2009. After this, I started an education as an Industrial Management Assistant and a german shower-cabin manufacturer. During this education I learned the basics about economy and business. I graduated in January 2012 with high grades. My finale Project was about the purchasing-progress of small plastic-parts, which are used as the hinges for the glass-doors. During my education I have been in contact with several german and also foreign companies, f.ex. from Spain, Italy, France or China. I also worked for several months in the financial department of the company. I was always very interested in the financial topic, and my education made me even more curious about it. In spring 2012, I stayed in Kolding for three month to take an internship at Tresu to get a closer look at the working-conditions in a machine-building company and to get experiences of living in a foreign country. During my stay I met a danish girl, with whom I am living now. The internship was the base for my study at the University of Applied Science in Flensburg which I started in September 2012. Unfortunately the study “Bachelor of Electronic Engineering” wasn’t the right thing for me even though I am interested in technical work. But I was always missing the economic and financial aspects. Based on this I started searching different studies and finally found the AP-Degree in Financial Management. I want to get a closer look to it and improve my knowledge about financial Topics during this Education to take it as a base for further studies, f. ex. the Bachelor in International Business at IBA. In my free time I play the Saxophone in a little Rock’n’Roll-Band here in Kolding. But next to this I have another great passion, which was the managing of a festival in Germany. The festival had yearly...
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