Motivation Keys for Success: Case of Xerox

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  • Published : August 17, 2012
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Motivation Key to Success
The Case of Xerox

The Case of Xerox Xerox was faced with a crisis in 2000 which could have caused the demise of the company if it were not handled wisely. However, due to careful planning, decision making and valuable advice from others, Xerox was able to endure the difficult time and regain success.

Despite the crisis Xerox faced in 2000, the company was able to maintain employee motivation. However, I am sure it was not an easy task. I think the company was able to maintain employee motivation by first motivating the management team. Leaders cannot effectively motivate employees unless they are motivated themselves. I also believe that Xerox made the employees aware of the situation and assured them actions were being taken to rectify the problems. Another way the company could have motivated the employees is by allowing them to voice their concerns as well as offer suggestions.

The CEO of a company must be able to effectively communicate priorities to its employees. One way to accomplish this task is to record a message on a DVD and distribute copies to the various companies while requiring them to schedule meeting with the different departments. During the meeting the department heads could allow employees to watch the DVD. The CEO could also have posters created and place them on bulletin boards in the employee cafeteria or other places where they socialize.

In 2009, Ursula Burns assumed the role of Xerox’s CEO. She could have encouraged the employees to take calculated risk by first educating them on the importance of risk taking while also letting them know that not all risk are bad. Also, they could have been reminded that they decided to take a risk when they chose to stick with the company despite prior crisis.

In order for an organization to attract and keep individuals for an extensive period of time,...
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