Motivation Inventory

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  • Published : September 25, 2010
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The author has completed a group assessment group motivation inventory chart. This assessment gives the author a score on their level of motivation. The assessment can rank as high motivation, moderate motivation or low motivation. The author is going to discuss her score and what was learned from it. Motivation affects how the author interacts in a group. The author will determine ways to become motivated and incentives that would help motivation.

After completing the assessment, the score was 80. In this score range, it shows that the motivation level is moderate motivation. Until this assessment was taken, she thought high motivation was her strong point. What the exercise really showed was thought she wasn’t as motivated as she thought. This exercise has shown that perhaps, more effort and dedication could benefit the group. Another lesson learned from this exercise is that she does not have a positive outlook on the rest of the group. Not trusting a group or being proud of the groups work had an effect on the score. It is important to give credit to those you are working with. As the group does well it is important to go ahead and give them credit on all their efforts.

Working in groups is part of almost every organization. This knowledge received from the assessment will have an impact in group interaction. There are things that can be done differently in the group to raise the score up to high motivation. In order for groups to be successful, all members should work on reaching a high motivation level. After reviewing the results, group interaction is different. Now more effort is being made to help out the group. Spending extra time when needed is now part of the interaction. Taking pride in a team’s work makes everyone feel good. Now when interacting in groups, pride and confidence will both

show. When all team members show their motivation it leaves nothing but positive things for the rest of the group.
There are always things...
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