Motivation in the Work Place

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Abraham Maslow Pages: 8 (2911 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Literature Review
The key in getting any company’s employees ready and willing is motivation. Employee motivation is a worker’s enthusiastic behaviour and core power to execute work related activities with the best of his or her abilities. Motivation is considered to be an internal drive that causes an individual to decide to take action. This is influenced by factors such as biological, intellectual, social, emotional and in some cases external factors as according to Susan M. Heathfield. Creating space for motivation within the working environment may not only end with productive work days but also strong and positive works ethics. Motivating employees also builds and/or develops individual characteristics. Employee motivation enables a company’s continuous success to the extent of its effectiveness. Each and every employee has his or her basic necessities with the work place. These are all part the fundamental rights of that employment from the employer. The head of department is to satisfy those needs of its individual employees. Progression depending on how long an employee is working proves to determine whether they find the job good or bad. However, it can be evidential that if an employee does not gain the required sense of having been satisfied, he or she becomes edgy. Employees idealize the importance of experiencing positive feelings towards their tasks and duties. Otherwise, dissatisfaction, frustration, and unhappiness accumulate over their period of employment. Here, these negative feelings may not only affect the family or social life but also the physical and emotional health of an individual (Schultz and Schultz, 1998) as cited in Maren Bassy. Therefore, if motivating an employee not only to proves to quench a portion of the thirst of needs, it can also stabilize his/her activities outside of work. Likewise, family and casual relationships can or may additionally survive due to the simple fact that an employee has managed to experience motivation. What are the factors that motivate employees? According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, there are basically five requirements necessary to man. These are physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem and self - actualization. His infamous pyramid is still used today in many fields. Each of these necessities has to substantially be satisfied. Managers are those who are to establish rewards, recognition and retention (Susan M. Heathfield). It is from that point forward the employees move to the next level. Steers and Porter (1983), as cited in Maren Bassy (2002), pointed out that "individuals enter organizations with certain needs, desires, skills, and so forth and expect to find a work environment where they can utilize their abilities and satisfy many of their basic needs. Where the organization provides such opportunities (e.g., where it makes effective use of its employees, is dependable, etc.), the likelihood of increasing commitment is apparently enhanced. However, where the organization is not dependable, or where it fails to provide employees with challenging and meaningful tasks, commitment levels tend to diminish." (p. 444).

Dickerson Employee Benefits refers to such ethics as set performance goal, mentioned by Jenkins and Alleyne (2005) who published All Together Now. (Molander 1996 as cited in Maren Bassy 2002) in order for a company to be successful, it needs employees who act toward the goals of the organisation. The availability of such goals as previously stated creates multiple chances for employees to strive with reassurance that with motivation he or she can perform better and more effectively. This then leads to an increase in employees’ efforts and commitment of working harder where their need is satisfied. The achievement of these goals in some cases are not easily attained but may be considered quite challenging. This is another strategic factor for management for the motivation of employees....
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