Motivation in Hosipitatlity Industry

Topics: Economy of the People's Republic of China, Tourism in China, Hotel Pages: 14 (5161 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Since the “open door” policy was promulgated in 1978, Chines economy conditions have changed fast and appear a rapid increasing. At the same time, China tourism industry also increases rapidly. In last decades, China has become the top five tourist destination in the world since 1999 and will be top one in the world by 2020 (Wong & Liu, 2010). There so many opportunities in China hospitality and tourism industry. In this situation, the competitions of hospitality industry become keenly because of international franchising, government investment and local hotels increasing (Qu, O'Neill, & Wang, 2008). These also promote the development of China hospitality industry. But in this rapidly developing, there have exposed some challenges, such as high turnover rate, long working hours, employee dissatisfaction, especially the shortage of high qualified employee. No qualified employee, the service industries’ quality will have influence. So how to solve the high qualified employees’ shortage will become the most important thing among of several challenges. Maybe, some hotels will think about where they can find requirement employees, and how they can sustain these employees. In China, because of recently policy support and global tourism environment influences, there are so many hospitality management universities are built, and so many students study in this major. So China hospitality management university students may be a good way to help Hotel Company to relieve the shortage of high level qualified employee. If hotel want to try to use university student who are in this major, they may want to know what kind of advantages these students have. Or what kind of things will hinder them to achieve this goal? And how the hotel can go over these obstacles? This study will focus to try to answer these questions and give suggestions about how to go over obstacles in using students to relieve the pressure of high qualified employees’ shortage.

High Quality Employee Supply: China Hospitality Management Major Students

1. Rapid development of hospitality industry in China.
Hospitality industry is a very important component of service industry, and the development of service industry is an important index of development of country (Lin, Horng, Chen, & Tsai, 2010). From the Taiwan’s service industry study, the service accounted for more than 70% of Taiwan gross production, and the population of employees has reached 57.97% of total employees of Taiwan, this means that Taiwan’s economic has changed from manufacturing-oriented to service-oriented (Lin, Horng, Chen, & Tsai, 2010). From Taiwan’s situation, when economic continue to develop at a certain level, service industry will develop and occupy a big part of whole economic industry. In China, since the “open door” policy was promulgated in 1978, Chinese economy conditions have changed very fast and appear a rapid increasing. During these 30 years development, every industry has good development and from data of china GDP has surpassed German to be the world’s third largest economy after 2007, and it has reached 49,847.3 dollars in 2009. According to the data from World Travel & Tourism Council, the development of tourism in China implies that about 17.4 million workers are required in direct H&T industry jobs, with a further growth of 3.1million jobs expected by 2016, by which time the figure would represent 2.5 percent of China’s total employment (Wong & Liu, 2010). In this high economic increasing situation, Chinese service-oriented changing is obvious. At the same time, China has been increasingly recognized as a dominant and essential component of global tourism, has become the top five tourist destination in the world since 1999, and China will become the top one tourist destination in the world by 2020, will arrived numbers predicted at more than 173 million a year by then (Wong & Liu, 2010). Because...
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