Motivation for a Teacher

Topics: Teacher, Education, Lesson plan Pages: 4 (1773 words) Published: March 26, 2013
“The teacher has to have the energy of the hottest volcano, the memory on an elephant and the diplomacy of an ambassador” – Patrick J.Eggleton (1999)

When I first read this, I could not agree more. It seemed relevant to me for the past 3 months. Working in Convent school is like riding a roller coaster. You need to speed all the way and at the same, you scream – because you cannot tolerate speeding up. My energy level was in need to always recharge so that I can think and do things. Everything was like non-stop. At the same time, I need to teach and handle the girls in the classroom – working on with lesson plans is a must, I was a practical teacher. You surely need the memory on an elephant so that you can return their profile in time, remember who is in charge for collecting the books and bring your marker pen to the class! Despite these, you require to back all things up professionally. As we know, you must explain the reasons to your pupils all the time, professionally like an ambassador – this means teacher must not bring emotion to the school. It is not easy – ended up, when I got back, I was completely flat and nearly burned out. For the second thought I wonder how if some teachers cannot tolerate the pressure. They are many teachers who burned out in teaching profession because they think they could not meet the ridiculous expectations of being a teacher (Moore, 2008). Then I realised that these words (quotes) are just expectations of a teacher. Meeting very long list expectations of being a teacher is not always easy. It is tiring and unsure – you just do not know when you are working at your best. Therefore, I can conclude that despite trying to change the expectations of being a teacher – which can be very difficult and nearly impossible, it sounds nicer for teachers to find their own motivation to keep them teaching. As for myself, yes I could not avoid or run away from the expectations – it is everywhere but I can motivate myself. I can look for...
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