Motivation for Life Long Learning

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  • Published : September 7, 2011
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My strongest motivation for acquiring new knowledge is actually knowing that I will be able to apply all that I have learned in a very practical way, either immediately or later on at another appropriate time. I seem to have a great thirst for learning new knowledge, tips, ideas, and proven methods that are geared towards the goals that I have set before me. I am striving to be a life-long learner throughout my entire life, as I believe strongly that knowledge is power. I like to seek various learning experiences that propel me in a very practical and efficient sense towards my career choice and, therefore, will enable me to do a much better job in every way possible.

I have come to the conclusion that my main motivation for learning stems from a more practical context. Since I tend to feel that my time is precious, I want to know for certain that the learning experience I am involved in is going to help me in a very practical sense to do my best and be beneficial in directly applying what I have learned in my chosen career field. However, I also believe I am motivated to a certain extent by two other learning styles, which are personal and idealistic. My motivation of accomplishing a goal that I have set before me, such as to obtain a degree, would be learning in a more personal context. In regard to an idealistic context of learning, I do actually experience real joy when learning something new and realize there are great benefits involved in expanding my mind, and, therefore, I do appreciate learning just for the sake of learning
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