Motivation for Doing Sports

Topics: American football, Time, Change Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: February 10, 2013
In process of time many values are being changed and so does the motivation for doing sport. Some time ago the aim was to win a competition or to defend the honour of the motherland, but now sport is more about personal fame and earning money. This may cause a wrong approach in view of children and young people who are easily affected by media. Many people believe that nowadays the whole concept of sport is distorted. One very convincing point in favour of it are football players, who often change teams in order to sign more profitable contracts. What is more, they are sometimes bought, sold and lent by their teams. Obviously, this seems like a business, not a sport. But this could also be argued as playing football is a job which the one does to provide everything he and his family needs, because the income in the sport industry is really high. Another serious contradiction in modern sport is the image of a sportsman. In the past, a successful sportsman was an icon because of being strong, having a great willpower and ambition to win. Now it is possible to describe such a person as a rich celebrity followed by media. Therefore, that is the chance of becoming famous which mainly attracts young people. All things considered, it seems to me that this significant change of the sport industry has worsened the impact it gives to youngsters and modified the general value of sport. Nevertheless, I am inclined to believe that there are still many young people who are passionate not about the earnings the sport gives, but about achieving goals, improving skills and becoming high-end sportsmen. (280 words)
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