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  • Published : November 11, 2010
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Fiedler's Theory of Leadership

The dynamic business world is impossible without proper and perspective leadership. There are few aspects that play a major role in determining the success of an organization such as technological advantage, perspective management, product branding, human resources and teamwork. Among all these factors teamwork plays pivotal role for a success and prosperity of any organization. The most important skill a leader must possess would be being able to set direction and vision for the organizational leadership role. In my view, better performance of any task for teamwork is associated with leader who is responsible for providing proper directions to his or her followers, has the ability to take charge and use his or her position power in order to coordinate and direct the work of his subordinates, design effective organizational processes, control activities, and meet organizational objectives. In one of my jobs where I worked as an accountant, our leader did not allocate properly the performing tasks. As a result, the accounting team leader assigned tasks to one of my coworkers to perform, even though he knew that the employee does not meet the necessary qualifications and knowledge to implement them. Even though, our team leader knew the experience and knowledge of all of his followers, he did not judge properly the ability of one of my coworkers and in that manner allowed him to report the accounting data with an error in Account Receivable Department. The accounting leader failed to take into account that the person he assigned for that job never worked in that position before and he needed at least somebody to explain to him how to record entries in that section. As a result, because of the misunderstanding where to record of the accounting entry, the accountant did a mistake, which later reflected the journal, the general ledger and the Balance Sheet. Moreover leader said to his subordinates that exactly that person should...
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