Motivation Concepts Table and Analysis

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Personality psychology, Personality Pages: 17 (3392 words) Published: May 15, 2013
|[pic] |SYLLABUS | | |College of Social Sciences | | |Credits 3 | | |UC0412WE Puerto Rico Campus | | |April 10 /May 8, 2013 | | |Wednesday | | |Dr. Maria de Lourdes Ferrer | | |PSY/250 Version 7 | | |Psychology of Personality | | | |

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Course Description

This course is an introduction to the study of personality. The course examines theoretical explanations for understanding personality development and explores each theory. The course also investigates how personality is assessed. The focus is on approaches that psychology has developed for understanding personality and on applications for organizational processes.


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Course Materials

Friedman, H. S., & Schustack, M. W. (2012). Personality: Classic theories and modern research (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson: Allyn & Bacon.

All electronic materials are available on the student website.

|Week One: Introduction to Psychology of Personality – April 10, 2013 | | |Details |Due |Points | |Objectives |Define personality. | | | | |Describe the reliability and validity of personality measurements. | | | | |Explain personality constructs as a basis of personality theories. | | | |Readings |Read Ch. 1 & 2 of Personality. | | | | |Review this...
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