Motivation Concepts Paper

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  • Published : June 20, 2012
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Motivation Concepts Analysis
Udonna M. Newton
April 10, 2012
Professor: Marilyn Parker

Motivation Concepts Analysis
Human behavior is a wide-range of behaviors displayed by humans influenced by many factors; cultures, attitudes, values, emotions, ethnicity, and a host of other attributes. Some human behaviors are more common than others, some are considered usual, some are unusual, some are acceptable, and others are deemed unacceptable, to say the least. The question to ask what motivates humans to behave differently; this subject has been studied by many psychologists throughout the years (Reeve, 2009). Collins dictionary defines motivation: as the act or instance of motivating, desire to do so; interest or drive, and the process that arouses, sustains and regulates human and animal behavior (Collins, 2012). Foremost, motivation is a general term in a sense, where it describes the effects of the natural behavior of an individual. There are many approaches to motivation and emotions: cognitive, behavioral, physiological, and social; however, motivation is the key element in setting and reaching individual goals. The purpose of this assignment will give an analysis of two workplace situations using a theory chosen from the “Motivation Concepts Table” describing how the theory would not be applicable from a personal point of view (University of Phoenix, 2012). Motivation Study

Countless psychologists have studied this subject over the past few decades, and him or her have witness the highs and lows in three areas of thinking: will, instinct, and drive. Each concept is greatly accepted, but no new information has emerged over the years, which limited the study for further progress. Ultimately, each concept was replaced by new ideas and launched motivation study into a new era. Reeves call it the “crisis stage.” which describes the transition from the drive theory to the current mini-theories era that has consequences both good and bad (Reeve,...
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