Motivation Concept Analysis

Topics: Motivation, Performance, I-Change Model Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: October 4, 2008
Motivation Concepts Analysis
PSY 320 human Motivation

In my past I have experienced working for a management that used achievement motivation as a tool for motivation personnel. This attempt at motivation the workers worked to some degree. Supervisors would select employees whom they felt performed admirably over a 4 month period and would select 5 of them to receive 250 dollars or 3 days off with pay, an excellent performance reward, and public recognition. This type of reward inspired to motivate many employees but everyone is not inspired by this method of motivation. Although it reached the majority of the employees, some were still not motivated and eventually failed because they were not motivated to perform better. I think that will or drive theories would have increased the number of employees who could have had a better impact on production. Personal satisfaction would have been increased primarily based on individual achievements and not by incentives such as rewards. In my second workplace situation at my current job this would not work simply because the upper management doesn’t support nor provide funding for incentives used in attempting to motivate its employees. Instead they give evaluations that show employees clearly how their performance is viewed by their supervisor. This may be a motivation tool however, it may be received either negatively of the employee is not performing to the standards of the company. My opinion is based on what I have heard. The Store Director mentioned in meetings about how good our pay and benefits are compared to Civilian companies. I believe that the company being a government agency they have the attitude that anyone who works should be adequately motivated do solely because they are government employees. I can assume this is based on the fact that they can fill any position and can easily replace any employee who is not performing his or her assigned duties and are unable to be motivated.

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