Motivation Behind the Murder of Santiago Nasar’s Murder and Exploration of the Themes of Cultural Conventions and Women’s Societal Roles

Topics: Gabriel García Márquez, Novel, American films Pages: 4 (1549 words) Published: November 27, 2011
This passage from Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s, Chronicles of a Death Foretold, occurs at the end of chapter two shortly after Angela Vicario is returned back to her family in disgrace after her groom discovers that she had premarital sex with another man. In this extract Angela Vicario is beaten viciously albeit silently at the hand of her mother for shaming the family honor before her twin brothers force her to give up the name of the man whom she lost her virginity to, in which she names an innocent man, Santiago Nasar. Within this passage, the importance of honor is evident when the lost virginity of Angela leads to the disgrace of both her groom and her family as well as leading to the death of an innocent man in Santiago Nasar by consequence. It is also within this passage that readers find out the motive behind the murder of Santiago Nasar, which is discovered to be an unfortunate coincidence, which along with the other coincidences in the rest of the novel convey the idea that Santiago death was indeed a death foretold. This passage is significant because it reveals two central themes in the - the problems with outdated conventions of a society, and the idea of fate- as well as revealing one of the most crucial aspect of the novel, the motivation behind the murder of Santiago Nasar.

In this novella, Marquez attempts to express the conventions of a South American society. From this passage alone, it is clear how important the purity of a woman and honor is for a family. Bayardo San Roman returns Angela on the same night of their wedding because he discovers that she lost her virginity to another man before their marriage. The humiliation of having a wife whose virginity was taken away from her by another man is cast upon San Roman because of the customs of the society which forces him to return her despite his love for her. Marquez unveils the customs of the society in situations such as San Roman’s refusal of an impure Angela in order to subtly criticize...
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