Motivation and Simpson S Behavior

Topics: Motivation, Psychology, Reward system Pages: 3 (682 words) Published: December 11, 2012
CASE VIII: What to do with Harry?

Introduction: This case is all about of York Tool and Die Company in which Joe Collins is the production manager, Harry Simpson is the line foreman Willie colleague of Simpson. Suddenly the performance is Simpson went down to improve his performance once again Joe called him in his office and chatted for long to improve it.

Situation Analysis: Joe as a production manager realized his responsibility and asked Simpson to come to his cabin to talk upon his performance. Previously Simpson was very hard working and punctual but after 7 years he was not able to maintain the punctuality. Somewhere he is dropping his motivation to perform a task. He started taking things casually. He was not taking responsibility of anything.

Identification of Problem: Problem is Simpson has die down his motivation. He is not punctual now as he used to be. This will create problem for him as the new important work is planning to give it to his colleague. Joe is also showing sympathy towards Simpson than others. He is hiding real information from his supervisor

Development of Alternatives and Its Evaluation:

1) Fire the employee who is not performing: This would create wrong impression because firing the employee can create the feeling of non securing. Simpson was hardworking there is some chances to improve it.

2) Reinforcement: In this manager should send Simpson to personal Counselor where he can open his feeling for not performing well. After this he will able to get to know his real problem.

Selection of Best Alternative: Differential Reinforcement is good idea. Simpson will get to know about his strengths and weakness and chance to open his feelings.

Implementation: Make a report. Send it to the top management. After there permission he can do it.


1) Which theory of motivation do you feel best explains Simpson’s recent behavior? Ans. Intrinsic motivation is best to explain Simpson’s recent behavior....
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