Motivation and Self Worth

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  • Published : July 28, 2012
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“Now We Can Begin”
Crystal Eastman 1920
Women history got my eye that is why I chose this article to read. I want to know what was happening in 1920 with the feminists’ movement. There was many things going on in 1920, life was good in 1920’s home would cost a person $2,025.00 a car $640.00. A $100.00 in 1920 would equal $1032.00 in today money. ( But I think the one thing that stood out was the word Freedom. The article structure of article is all over the place during the first part for me. From what I take from this is she is calling men communists, and can’t see the woman movement. A growing number of men admire the woman who has a job. And if they are married she still has to do all the responsibilities at home. The man has not learned to help shift the responsibly. To having babies, a same sex partner. The more time I read this paper the more I see that is organized and logical. She is bring up points and questions, about the movement. “ Freedom of choice in occupation and individual economic independence for women: How shall we approach this next feminist objective? First, by breaking down all remaining barriers, actual as well as legal, which make it difficult for women to enter or succeed in the various professions, to go into and get on in business, to learn trades and practice them, to join trades unions. Chief among these remaining barriers is inequality in pay. Here the ground is already broken. This is the easiest part of our program”. (Crystal Eastman ,1920)
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