Motivation and Empowerment

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Incentives offered by the parent company

The parent company, The Coca-Cola Company is based in Atlanta America and it employs 56,000 people worldwide with operations in almost 200 countries. Atlanta is the country Coca-Cola originally established itself, started trading and branding.

Global marketing allows companies to widen their business horizons. By entering one or more particular market outside the home country depends on the company’s resources, its managerial mindset and the nature of opportunity and threat. Coke can be found virtually in every country. Coke is the best known, strongest brand in the world; its evitable global position has resulted in part from the Coca-Cola Company’s willingness and ability to back its flagship brand with a network of local bottlers and a strong marketing effect.

For Coca-Cola to trade internationally it first becomes a PLC, this allows shareholders to invest money into the company. This will contribute towards the economy as more money is going into the parent country, Also this opens up employment in the country allowing educated American people to be hired and work for Coke, this will increase tax revenue for the country.

Coca-Cola was helped by America to go globally. AGOA (African growth and Opportunity Act) contacted the president of America to allow the business to trade and develop in several African places. Coca-Cola was sent by America to set up their bottling factories. A start up sum of one million dollars was given to set up aboard. Coke also received 139 trade officials from America to help export and import products. This was the start of Coca-Cola’s brand image as well as providing developing countries such as Africa many opportunities. This in hand also helped America’s image in providing help and opportunity in other countries.

USDA (The United States Development Agency) helps companies by allowing them to use their facilities and giving them marketing consultants to carry out market research in the country they want to set up in. USDA also provides trade consultants who counsel multinationals in teaching them about trade restrictions and trade boundaries in other countries. Coca Cola benefited this because it was encouraged by America to set up aboard where Coke can revenue more for the country and establish its brand.

Effectiveness of the Business

Coca-Cola has demonstrated the ability to think globally and act locally, this is sourced as a competitive advantage. Because Coca-Cola is adept at adapting sales promotion, distribution, and customer service efforts to local needs. Coke has become a billion dollar plus brand in markets outside the United States.

Coke is arguably the quintessential global product and global brand. Coke relies on similar positioning and marketing in all countries, its projects a global image of fun, good times, and enjoyment. The product itself may vary to suit local tastes for example Coke increased the sweetness of its beverages in the Middle East where customers prefer a sweeter taste. Also prices may vary to suit local competitive conditions.

Since the 1990’s, Coke’s advertising theme has always been “Always Coca-Cola”. Each new “always” campaign includes more then a dozen TV commercials with different story lines designed to appeal to audiences in different parts of the world. Coke in a year spends around one million dollars on marketing.

Positive Comments

“The Coca-Cola Company has committed at least $5 million to programs that address water needs in Darfur and elsewhere in Sudan. This is targeted at providing new sources of clean water to those displaced by the fighting and on building water and sanitation projects that allow people to return to their homes.

In addition, we are working with others in the search for longer-term, socio-political solutions. Through the UN Global Compact, the UN Development Programme and the International Business Leaders Forum in London, we are working to bring...
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