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Motivation for Staff

Behavioral Theories

Theory of Motivation

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Theories of Motivation
Theories of Motivation
(Part - 3 of M otivation - Ken Shah & Prof. Param J. Shah) [TYPES OF MOTIVATION (Part - 2)Theories of Motivation (Part - 3)BEING A MOTIVATING MANAGER (Part - 4) ]

1) Contribution of Robert Owen :
Though Owen is considered to be paternalistic in his view, his contribution is of a considerable significance in the theories of M otivation. During the early years of the nineteenth century, Owen’s textile mill at New Lanark in Scotland was the scene of some novel ways of treating people. His view was that people were similar to machines. A machine that is looked after properly, cared for and maintained well, performs efficiently, reliably and lastingly, similarly people are likely to be more efficient if they are taken care of. Robert Owen practiced what he preached and introduced such things as employee housing and company shop. His ideas on this and other matters were considered to be too revolutionary for that time.

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2) Jeremy Bentham’s “The Carrot and the Stick Approach” : Possibly the...

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