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  • Published : June 8, 2013
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Amit was a very brilliant student. He loved challenges and was always ready for new challenges. His lateral thinking skills were excellent and he hated to do things in the same manner every time and solve the problems by using traditional step-by-step logic. He completed his PGDM from a reputed institute. Amit joined XYZ project at ABC Ltd. Delhi in December after successfully completing his training at Bangalore. He was always appreciated for his “out of the box thinking” by his trainers. He always wanted to go back to Delhi, his hometown and live with his parents and when he got a transfer to Delhi he didn’t waste a single moment in saying yes to the new project and heading towards Delhi. Many of his friends were also moving out from Bangalore at the same time which only made his decision easier. He felt that the XYZ project offered better career prospects as it was a new project and he was offered to work on the current technologies that were in demand in the market. He was sure he would excel in his new position at ABC Ltd, just as he had done as a trainee. He joined as Assistant Systems Manager with a handsome pay hike for becoming a confirmed employee of the company. The company also had international operations and there was more than a slim chance that he would be sent to USA or UK on a project. Knowing that this would give him a lot of exposure, besides looking good on his resume, he was quite excited about the new job. I joined Ashish Bansal's six-member team in the company. He had met Ashish during the interview sessions, and was looking forward to working under him. His team members seemed warm and friendly, and comfortable with their work. He introduced myself to the team members and got to know more about each of them. Wanting to know more about his boss, he casually asked one of his team members about Ashish. She said, "Ashish does not interfere with our work. In fact, you could even say that he tries...
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