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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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I choose these three in order to attempt to draw a conclusion between learning and the motivational factors that are required in order to obtain some form of academic success. The articles focused on both Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and how a student can draw from either one. The articles also took into account the different types of learning styles that are utilized by our students and how these different approaches can impact the will (motivation) and desire (effort) of a student. It is widely known that Academic achievement is connected to a person’s learning style and how motivated they are. When a person is willing to work for their own self-interest, this type of behavior is considered intrinsic (De Naefhel, Van Keer, Vansteenkiste, & Rosseel, 2012) because there is no other incentive to achieve success besides the feeling of fulfillment. In regards to learning the very first step in that process is the willingness and ability to read. The articles drew a conclusion that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to get our young students to read and to comprehend what they have read. The contributed this shortcoming to the amount of time that most of our students spend on leisurely pleasures. They concluded that most young adults do not have the desire to read for leisure and this has led to a drop off in reading for understanding. This reading understanding is closely linked to its comprehension. The articles addressed the consequences of reading frequency and understanding; they used different types of measures in order to come to this conclusion. They utilized the SRQ-Reading Motivation to capture two different types of reading motivation, the intrinsic one that calls for a person to read because they enjoy doing so and the extrinsic one which made reading a requirement. The measures showed that those that read for enjoyment where receiving greater academic success than those that felt obligated to read and only did so when...
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