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  • Topic: Motivation, Regulatory Focus Theory, Douglas McGregor
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  • Published : January 23, 2013
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Annotated Bibliography - An Overview

For our research question we decided that our subject area would be on the topic of motivation as this was the most popular choice from the members of our group. We also wanted to make sure that we could easily gather the data for our research question so it was decided that we would focus on the motivation and goals of university students at London Metropolitan University. Our Research question is therefore –

“Does gender affect the motivation and achievement goals of 1st year university students?” Once we had decided on our research question we then commenced our background reading in order to get a better understanding of the subject as a whole and this reading forms the basis of our annotated bibliography. There were several texts that proved useful in this matter and what follows is a short overview of the top three – 1) Leadership and Motivation-McGregor. D (1966)

The main theories that are being looked into in this book are McGregor’s own X and Y theories, which concentrate on extrinsic and intrinsic motivational factors. Theory X is explained by an extrinsic outlook of how managers would lead and motivate their staff, this would be identified by staff only interested in financial returns for external use. Theory Y would be looking at intrinsic factors to show how managers would lead and motivate their staff and identifies that employees are motivated by training, self actualisation and other internal motivation methods to improve their standing within the organisation. Within the book McGregor gives a good interpretation of how he depicts people to behave, who have been categorised under X&Y and the personality traits that could be expected. This work is important to our study as it presents a clear representation of how someone can be motivated, either someone is motivated by external factors or internal factors. There is no confusion of how someone can be motivated, as the reader is...
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