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  • Published : December 25, 2012
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Motivation is any internal or external process, which is involved in prompting and terminating behaviour. All our instinctive responses are reflexes, whereas all our intended activities involve motivation. But one's motivation cannot be observed directly. It is inferred from the behaviour of the being.Motivation is a driving state; it is also a behaviour encouragement state within the individual. Motivation directs the behaviour towards a goal. It is thus an inner everlasting condition of the being that forces him or her into action. Motivation has the following three aspects: (a) A driving state within the being that is set in motion by bodily needs, provocations or emotional (b) The behaviour encouraged and directed by state and (c) The goal towards which the performance is directed. We never observe motives directly. Rather we assume their existence from the people say about the way they feel and from observing that people and animals work towards certain goals. In other words, motives are inferences behaviour. If our inferences about motives are correct, we have a powerful for the explanation of behaviour. Truly speaking, most of our everyday explanations of behaviour are in terms of motives. "Why are you going to college?" The answer is normally given in terms of motivation. You are going to the educational institution because you want to learn something or you need a college degree let a good job or it is a suitable place to make friends. You are a student in the college because you think it is expected of you, and one of your goals is to adapt to what is expected. It is true that, most likely you are going to college to meet some combination of these needs. Someone who understands your motives can see why you do the things the way you do. Sometimes motives do not tell us exactly what will happen; rather they give us an idea about the range of things a person will do. So, in other words, motives help us to make predictions about behaviour. Motivation is one of those features which compel you to give something substantial and meaningful in your life your best shot. It is like an influence of an action which figures out the types of the behaviour. The more motivated you are, the better your performance. How do you motivate …..

The psychology of motivation is tremendously complex what has been undone with any degree of assurance is small indeed. Motivation plays a great part in our everyday life. Once an individual sets any goal, he or she will not succeed without reasonable ground. Imagine your work force so motivated that employees relish more hours of work, not fewer, to initiate increased responsibility themselves, and boast about their challenging work, not their paychecks or bonuses . Idea in brief

Not if you understand the self help force behind motivation and the ineffectiveness of most performance incentives. Motivation does not come from perks, posh office, or even promotions or pay. These extrinsic incentives may stimulate people to put their noses to grindstone but they’ll likely perform only as long as it takes to get that next raise or promotion. The Truth? You and your organization have only limited power to motivate employees. Yes unfair salaries may damage morale. But when you offer fat pay checks and other extrinsic incentives, people won’t necessarily work harder or smarter. Extrinsic motivation refers to the performance of an activity in order to attain an outcome Why?

Most of us are motivated by intrinsic rewards : interesting, challenging work, and the opportunity to achieve and grow into greater responsibility. But yes you got to provide some extrinsic rewards too. But the real key to motivating your employees is enabling them to activating their own internal generators. Intrinsic motivation refers to motivation that is driven by an interest or enjoyment in the task itself, and exists within the individual rather than relying on any external pressure. Staying motivated

To get motivated is...
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