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October 12, 2000

Dear Sir / Madam
Through this letter I would like to apply for the post Consultant "Human Resources" (Ref. 61st / TX), published in "24 Hours" and "Work".

Your announcement provoked my interest because it is an area where I plan to unfold. I have two years experience in consulting in human resources and recruitment. During this time, in addition to my professional knowledge and skills I have gained experience in working with clients from various fields. Develop the ability to quickly retrieve information to assist clients in defining their needs and interact with different people.

During my work so far I have been offered jobs with increased scope of responsibilities, through which I have been able to master organizational, managerial and communication skills. My professional experience and personal qualities makes me think I can meet the high quality standards required by your organization.

What attracts me in consulting in the field of human resources is the variety of projects that challenge with an innovative solution and the dynamics of job that requires continuous learning and application of knowledge. Being at the beginning of my professional career, I want to introduce you to new ways of working and to work in teams where I could expand my knowledge. Looking for an opportunity to work for an organization that has high standards of performance and professionalism. If I am given the opportunity to join your team of professionals my skills, knowledge and genuine desire to work will contribute to the performance of your company.

I would be grateful if you consider my application and I would be delighted to discuss with you my plans for development.

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