Motivating the Employees

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1. Introduction
After candidates recruited by the company, the human resource supervisor should face a very important problem, that how to motivate the employees to improve the integrate quality and work positivity. Motivational technique is one of the most effective ways. While motivation techniques are not difficult to master, they are often neglected, but it does not have to be that way (Weiss, 2011). The advance of motivation theories made human resource management entered a higher phase. Incentive mechanism is used to make employee’s inner motive power close to the company’s desires. According to the present situation of the enterprise and evaluation of employees’ productive process, managers can satisfy staffs’ different requirements by using effective incentive methods. Compare with other industries, we can find a significant feature in hospitality industry that is large numbers of employee mobility, the staff structure formed by a lot of part-time staff is one of the important reason. Although full-time and part-time workers work for the same company and same position, they still have some different. So according to their different characteristics, human recourse managers should distinguish different incentive methods for the full-time and part-time staffs,

2. The importance of motivation
The ability to motivate employees to improve productivity is a crucial super visional skill (Weiss, 2011). The objective of enterprise human resources development and management is mobilizing all positive factors for the employees and trying to dig the maximum potential of them. In reality, there are a lot human factors can effect human working behavior, such as social environment, working conditions, technical equipment and some personal qualities such as education, training, knowledge and experience. And from the research which called “attracting motivating and retaining knowledge management” (Horwitz, 2002), we can find personal ability is the basic premise for finishing a good job, but if capable employees without working enthusiasm, they can’t make a good job performance. Because of this, people’s working enthusiasm became a decisive factor of job performance. “Motivation” is a psychology terminology, means the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. In the human resource management, motivation means stimulate workers’ need, motivation and desire by using various motivate methods to develop employees potential and reach the company’s expected goals. From the explanation, we can find motivation process of human resource management should include expected goals, working enthusiasm and incentives. Motivation measures usually achieved by meeting people’s expectations, and because employees’ expectations are the psychological basis for excitation, and different people has different expectations, the managers should design different incentives for different people, in this way for the full-time and part-time staffs ,human resource manager should make different motivation methods which basis on their different expectations for them. There is another research called “how to motivate employees” (Lazenby, 2008). From this we can find if the employee influenced by only on excitation method, the method effectiveness will decrease, so the manager should change the incentives time to time. In the wave of economic globalization, the competitive is more and more fiercely. Company must utilize resource properly and design more effective motivations for this expectation. Just like the aim of Marriott Hotel’s aim--- Taking care of employees, they will take care of customers.

Full-time and Part-time employees’ characters
The data which searched form Statistic Norway shows that in the hotel and restaurant, part-time staffs’ occupancy is more than fifty percentages. In the hospitality industry the core employees are not only full-timer but also part-timers, both of them have their styles...
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