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Motivating Students

By | May 2012
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Student Motivation

For my research project, I have focussed on the recurrent complaint of many teachers, which is that their students lack motivation to learn. It is very important for the students to be motivated towards their learning process. It is because, it is their motivation which is going to raise the prospects that they will perpetrate time and efforts crucial to accomplish their learning targets. Government grant enormous funds each year towards education sector. But all this comes to nothing if students are not willing to learn. Therefore, motivation is an essential requirement for students’ learning. PURPOSE: The main aim in this research project is to explore different strategies with which I can motivate students to learn and further improve my teaching skills. I am particularly focussing on improving my skills in motivating students keeping in mind that every classroom is full of students with different abilities. I would also like to make sure that students’ maximum motivational energy is directed towards the fulfilment of their learning outcomes. RESEARCH QUESTIONS:

Q: 1 What strategies should I embrace to make students’ motivated towards their learning, so that it becomes more constructive? Though I finished my graduate diploma last year, yet I haven’t worked in any school as a teacher. But this year while doing my master’s, I have started to prepare myself for teaching full time from next year. So I am taking this teaching round as my very initial step in the teaching world. It is because of that I want to focus on the very simple approaches that will facilitate me in future. I have used the word ‘simple’ because I want to master at all basic levels first, which are required to be a good teacher. Q: 2 How skilfully I have introduced the change in my practice and how it has supplemented my professional growth?

PROJECT DEADLINES: As mentioned earlier, I did my...

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