Motivating High Performance

Topics: Team, Learning, Work Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Motivating High Performance

By: Eddie Pace

Building a high performance team is one of the most valuable investments a company can make. Whether enhancing the performance of an entire firm or a specific group of employees, succeeding by following certain practices and steps will ensure success. High-performing teams are an astonishing, but a rare convergence of the right people, processes, and environment. They work much more effectively and have a much higher productivity rate than most teams. Best of all, they are extremely fun and motivating to work on. There are some common characteristics of high-performing teams. Knowing these characteristics can help you move your team down this path. Set common goals because teams cannot perform at a high level unless all of its members are striving toward a common set of objectives. Establish good internal work processes. The high-performing team has a set of internal processes that guide how members act and react in particular circumstances. Instill good work ethic. High-performing teams rarely form in an environment where people complain about their workload or where team members complain about the work habits of other team members. Strive toward a balanced set of key skills. A high-performance team has all the skills needed to complete the work on its plate. Team members have the skills needed from a technical standpoint, as well as the right set of role-based skills. Members of high-performance teams typically get along with each other and like each other. Each task or goal should not take a long time to complete. The time that should be given to each task is at least 2-3 weeks. This should give everyone in the company enough time to learn what needs to be done. If these goals take longer to complete, then the objective needs to be reworked. When the sessions have ended, voting needs to take place. One method that can be used could be the “majority rules” method. Even though this method will not make everyone...
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