Mothers Are Better Than Fathers at Parenting

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Mothers Are Better Than Fathers at Parenting
In modern life, fathers usually are people who earn money and provide anything for his family while mothers take care of their family and do their housework. Both of them always do the best for their children and give their children the best education which they can. There is no doubt that they play an essential role in parenting their children. Some people believe that fathers are more accommodating than mothers. Besides, fathers usually are better at playing than mothers. Although fathers can do anything for his family, mothers are better than fathers at parenting.

In some cases, fathers are usually more accommodating than mothers. On the other side, mothers look sterner, but it is not true. Each person has a difference way to teach children, and they all want to bring the best things for their children. Because of being pregnant for nine months, mothers have hidden connection with her children that no one has. Furthermore, a mother always is the first person over the world who hopes good things happen with her children. So mother always is the person who loves her children the most. In some families, fathers spend much time to play with his children, and maybe they are better at playing than mothers. It doesn’t mean that mothers don’t play with her children. Her responsibility is providing healthy and good meals for her husband and children. Early in the morning, she must wake up before other members of her family, and prepare breakfast for her family. In the evening, after long working day, she must cook dinner. Because of that reason, fathers usually have much time to play with children than mothers. In conclusion, modern life requires people spend various time on working, but parents always try their best in parenting. In some families, maybe fathers usually are accommodating

than mothers; mothers usually make sure that her children feel comfortable enough to talk to her whenever they want. Actually, mother...
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