Motherhood vs. Career

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Makayla Jackson
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Motherhood or Career: You Decide

I’m every woman

Ring! Ring! Ring! Sarah alarm awakes her every morning at 5:45 am. She lays in her bed counting down the number of days left in the week. She starts her day off with a cup of coffee before she wakes her children for breakfast. She apologizes to her children as she wakes them up to this continuously active schedule. The child attends a prominent day care center that has a staff that really cares about the children. “In the United States today, more than half of mothers with young children work, compared to 30 percent in the 1970’s”(American Academy of Pediatrics, 1999). Despite the staff being wonderful, she knows that no one will take the palace of her being will take the place of her being with her children. On the other hand, Katie a mother of three children starts of her day similar to Sarah. Katie wakes up at 6 am to a cup of coffee; she reviews the schedule she has planned for the children that day. She wakes the children up to breakfast at 7:30am. She made a decision once she had children to home school them. A Study shows that the more hours a mother works the “lower the child’s language development and academic achievement…” (Associated Press, 1999). While the language difference diminished it never completely disappeared. Who is the better mother of these two women? Society believes katie is considered being the better mother for staying home with her children. Doing so her definition of being a good mother is determined whether a mother has a career or not? Plenty of people will base their answer off the two scenarios given. The only difference between Katie and Sarah is their schedules. They both have children, who they seem to care about. Katie and Sarah both are making sure their children are being introduced to education. Sarah sends her children to school, while Katie home schools her children. Katie should not be considered the better parent because she chooses to stay at home with her children. Many women like Sarah are faced with the decision to have raise children and go to an outside job. . Whether a mother decides to work or stay at home with her child that should not be the factor to determine whether she is a good or bad mother. In some cases the lack of a mother’s presence can impact a children but the lack of an income can cause poverty, and quality childcare (working mothers vs. stay at home mothers: The impact on children). Working mothers should not be criticized as being bad mothers because they choose to pursue careers. There are a number of reasons why some mothers choice to pursuer careers. Financial, social pressure, personal fulfillment, empowerment for themselves and their children and the most likely reason dual incomes it take two incomes now days to live comfortably. (Kidding Ourselves: (1995) Mahony R. Education and Earning. Whatever a woman’s reason is for returning to work, she should not be considered a bad mother (Crittenden, 44). The periodic Survey of fellows: American Academy of Pediatrics Division of Child Health Research, the majority of pediatricians’ surveyed found the mothers should not work outside the home from their child’s infancy to early per-school age. The connection of the children with their mothers at a young age will allow a close bond. The child and the parent will be able to communication better during times like middle school and high school when you really need their trust.(American academy of Pediatrics, 1985) It has been found that children of working mothers do not suffer any differently from anxiety, antisocial behavior, or stress-related problems that those of nonworking mothers. It was also found that children of working mothers had few stereotyped gender-role attitudes and felt their mother was more well rounded (Gershaw, 1988). What is the definition of a good mother?

What is the definition of...
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