Mother: A Role Model

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Do you have someone you that you admire the most? I do, and that will be my be loved mother. The reason I admire mom the most because she is caring, hard-working, and her beliefs.

First, my mom have a solicitude personality, in other words she is caring. My mom is type a person that will find a way to help someone as much as she can. For instance, I remember a friend of my mom's house was going into fore closure I recall her name was Clarissa. She was explaining to my mom that she didn't have enough money to pay rent for her house that was going into fore closure, and she was one-thousand dollars short. While she was explaining this to my mom in our red painted kitchen. My mom came up with idea to have a yard sale to raise the amount of money she needed. Clarissa will sell half of her useless items she don't need, and my mother will sell half of her stuff. My brother and I decided to make posters to post around the town. The yard sale was taken at my two story wood house on a sunny Sunday. I even pitch in to sell my barbie dolls i use to play with when i was six years old. Everything was sold out, they earned nine-hundred and twenty dollars. But my mom give her the eighty dollars Clarissa needed. Every since then i feel the need to help anyone who needed help.

Second, lazy and ''I can't do it'' is not in my mother vocabulary. She is one of most toil person I know, in this case very hard-working.
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