Mother Tongue-Based-Multilingual Education

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Mr. Mario A. Bernardino, Jr.Dr. Rufino L. Tanio

Reaction Paper No. 01Professor

August 19, 2012

Issue # 01:Mother Tongue - Based - Multilingual Education


The Mother Tongue-Based-Multilingual Education is a program which aims to make the children learn faster through easy understanding of the lesson spoken in their native language. Next to the K-12 program, MTB-MLE is a very debatable topic in our education system today. It sounds promising enough considering the fact that the Philippines is a multilingual country, but there are concerns that need to be addressed before such a program is to be implemented.

First thing to consider is that, this project is to be administered to Kindergarten to Grade 3 students, which we all know is the stage where a child is building his/her foundation on the concept of learning. The program has the tendency to make the learner complaisant and create a perception that no other language is important for them to master aside from their mother tongue. Next, the learning materials to be used, most of the learning materials for science and mathematics are not available in other languages aside from English. Another is the usefulness of the program. Studying mainly your preferred/local language for me is not beneficial if you are subjected to the global community. The Philippines is rich in culture and languages but we must remember that we have a national language which is Filipino. Foreign countries will probably be unaware of our other dialects and will only consider Filipino aside from English as a means of communication from us.

Sure, the students especially in their early years in school will learn faster and will interact more if their MT will be used in the classroom, but, what happens during the transition from their MT to English as their MOI? Will they be able to show the same enthusiasm and interest?

Learning to read and write in...
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