Mother Tongue

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  • Published: July 3, 2013
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“Education is the hope of every person to achieve and succeed in life.” It all starts at home where children’s literacy on language, reading, and writing skills were first learned from their parents and older brothers and sisters. They begin to learn with their first language or dialect. That is why a child I likely to succeed academically and is able to learn more through their native language.

K+12 curriculum’s first year of implementation S.Y. 201-2013 brought many changes in education such as minimized class schedule, the new subject mother tongue, and the use of mother tongue as medium of instruction in all subjects except in English subject but kept the technical terms in English.

Mother tongue used in Mathematics opens hope and opportunities for math teachers to introduce the lesson easily and pupils will learn comfortably and clearly through learning mathematics on their own language. Teaching and learning process will be better and more interactive by exercising their native language and pupils have more opportunities to learn as they evolve and develop their skills and potentials in becoming literate.

This research will identify the effectiveness of teaching mathematics using “Mother Tongue” as medium of instruction. This will help modify teaching methods, approaches, and strategies in teaching mathematics including its instructional materials used on the subject to facilitate learning and improve teaching ways in adopting the new mode of instruction.

Basically, Mathematics is one of the most difficult subjects for pupils, through the use of their native language; learning is now accessible in the hands of the pupils and teachers to provide better education in preparing pupils into a more complex mathematical problems, symbols, equations and numbers.

Societies marked by plurality call for multilingual and multicultural education systems. The Philippines is a diverse country comprised of over 150...
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