Mother Tongue

Topics: Family, Father, Mother Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Endalkachew Abera
Kristin McGregor
English 101
Date 02/26/2012
Factors to Have Happy Family In the modern society there are different definition for family according to race, culture, economy, and environment. Although family could be one of the major sources of social structure. In general family could be defined as a socialization institutes which are formed based on shearing love, culture, and economy within individuals. Even though there are different definitions for family there is one common thing that makes family similar, Happy and Perfect. The fundamental factors that influence to have happy family are equal authority in the parents, biological ties, and limiting family size. Considering the traditional and old fashioned family the father is the leader and money making individual, whereas the mother depends on the father and obliged to respect his interest and rules. Thus, the mother has less writes and limited authority in the family. Limitation of authority leads the children to undermine and disrespect the mother. The other problem of unequal authority is the daughters in the family could develop inferiority complex against the sons and the daughter’s self-esteem could be affected. Because of the problems above the mother and daughters could be unhappy. If a family formed based on equal authority among parents, it could help to make pleasant and happy family. The second factor that makes a family perfect and happy is the biological tie between children and parents. Biological ties help to develop attachment and shearing love from parents to children and vice versa. In the processes of rising children like breastfeeding, carrying, washing, and playing children could learn physical attachments, shearing love, and caring for others. For example, the picture in Rereading America on page 75 shows that, even though the mother washes the child in inconvenient situation, she looks happy just...
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