Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa
Who was Mother Teresa? Mother Teresa was a strong courageous woman who was a hero to millions and thousand of poor people looked up to her. Mother Teresa was born August 26, 1910, she was a Roman Catholic. She was the youngest of three children and her family was really religious. When Mother Teresa was twelve years old she felt if God was trying to tell her to spread love all around the world. As she turned eighteen she moved out of her parent’s resident and joined an Irish community called sisters of Loreto the Irish community was a community of nuns with missions in India. Mother Teresa was sent to India where she took a vow on May 24th, 1931, that she is completely a nun. In 1931 to 1948 she taught at St. Mary’s high located in Calcutta but looking at the conditions outside the school made her want to stop teaching and help the needy. In India she got trained and received the name Sister Teresa. 1948 is when Mother Teresa was given permission to leave teaching and help the poor. Mother Teresa started off with nothing no money she started to teach outside on the streets to little children. But soon people started to help her out and gave money. As others started to teach and donate money Holy See gave Mother Teresa permission to start her own charity which was called “Missionaries of charity”. The charity Missionaries of charity was a foundation where Mother Teresa gave love to the people who have never felt loved before. Mother Teresa passed away on September 5, 1992 at age 87 she had a huge heart attack.

Mother Teresa accomplished a lot in her lifetime for over 45 years she looked after the poor, sick, orphans, people slowly dying. Mother Teresa became an Indian citizen and traveled different parts of India in January 6, 1929. She became an Indian citizen in 1962 and soon she received lots of awards. In 1962 she received an award from the government for working with the poor. Mother Teresa received the Noble...
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