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Mother Teresa

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How Did Mother Teresa Impact the World
Mother Teresa impacted the world with her kind heart, her will to give, and spreading her knowledge and beliefs about God. As she traveled around the world, she helped the homeless, diseased, and uneducated. She loved and cared for people that never had this kind of treatment before. This is how she made a impact on the world in a major way.

Mother Teresa was born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu to Albanian parents in Skopje, Macedonia on August 26, 1910. She grew up in an environment where it was very religious and she had strong beliefs in it. When she was seventeen years old she traveled to Ireland to join Our Lady of Loreto (Crompton, 98). There she learned to speak English and took on the name Mother Teresa. She took her final vows I n1937. After that she began to teach at a convent school in Calcutta, India. There she got the position as head mistress. In 1946, at the age of thirty-six she believed she had received her “call within a call”. She believed her mission was to minister to the poorest of the poor. From this time forward, Mother Teresa dressed in a sari and went barefoot through the city slums.

In 1948, Mother Teresa petitioned the pope, Pius XII to live as an independent nun (“Mother” World). In August of 1948, she left Sisters of Loreto with the blessing of her superiors and archbishop of Calcutta so she could in the slums of Matizhil (“Mother” New). He initial effort was to organize dispensaries and outdoor schools were she fed, clothed, and taught poor children (“Mother” New). On December 21, 1948, she opened her first slum school in Muti Jheel in Calcutta. She had no financial booking or supplies when she began teaching poor Bengali children to read and write. It all began with a stick and soft loose dirt to write in (“Mother” Dictionary).

In 1950, she petitioned Vatican for permission to establish a new order of nuns. Vatican agreed to this and founded the name Missionaries of Charity. In order to get in...

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