Mother of the Year

Topics: Manners, Hester Prynne, Personal life Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Mother of the Year

Despite the fact that Hester Prynne committed a highly offensive crime as adultery, does make her a bad mother. Hester Prynne puts her daughter before her in all aspects of her life, even though she is in odds with the community. She teachers her daughter good manners, and the rights and wrongs of life. Hester also showers her daughter with love and support.

Hester Prynne is just as good of a mother as anyone. Through out Pearl’s, her daughter, life she puts her first. Throughout the novel, Hester does everything she can to give Pearl the life she deserves, not matter how hard it is due to her crime and the reaction’s of the community. She works to provided shelter, food, and all the necessities of life for the daughter.

Hester teaches her daughter the correct way to live life, her needed manners, and the wrongs that she should avoid performing in life. Hester, despite her crime, teaches the importance of religion, and the puritan way of life. She teaches Pearl her polite manners. She teaches her the basics of life. Hester does not leave out the lesson of right from wrong. Through out the novel she explains what is right and wrong, often using her past mistake as an example.

Hester never forgets to show her love for Pearl to Pearl. She lets Pearl explore nature, and have the childhood all children deserve and often have. She may often express her fear that her child not being human but being a demon. She always corrects this feeling with also expressing her deep love and devotion for her daughter. She even states that she named Pearl because of the cost on her life to have her daughter, and how much she means to Hester. The pearl is a very expensive and cherished stone.

Hester has many faults, and has made many mistakes in her life. Being a good mother to her daughter Pearl, is not one of any of theses. She is good to her child in every way. Yes she has made mistake with Pearl, but what mother hasn’t. If we judge people...
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