Mother Nature

Topics: Earth, Health, Sun Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: July 12, 2011
Need for healthy mother Earth
People like to keep good health to live longer and happier. Similarly, we must keep our mother earth in good health not only for current generation, but also for the future generations. People spoil their health with unhealthy habits. Similarly, we spoil the earth with mindless abuse of her resources. When we let the earth to take toll because of our overindulgences resulting in air pollution, water pollution to name a few, the delicate ecosystem of mother earth can choke causing calamities around the world killing or displacing millions, and unleash unknown diseases causing miseries to countless people. This brings forth the importance of keeping the good health of our mother earth without compromises. Mother planet is known for boundless love, unending patience, and unlimited compassion for earthlings. We must respect that. Living a balanced life

When we live a balanced life that keeps us in good health, and keeps our mother ship called earth in good health, we are showing our gratitude to our mother planet. Each one has given the power to change self and change his or her world. Unfortunately, many people do not realize the dormant creative power that lies within. It is about time to realize our role in our planet, and do the needful to keep our mother planet hale and healthy. Every step we take that limits the pollution we have consciously made a positive contribution. Everyone should chip in to give his or her contribution to keep our earth happy. Green living

Green living has introduced many new technologies and way of life for the modern society. Such introductions have made much impact on our day-to-day living. There are a number of advantages of such technologies for alternative power in several fronts including saving the Earth and minimizing bills. Power hungry equipments

Moreover, there are many ways to reduce the power need of our household and corporate. We must replace the energy inefficient equipments with better...
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