Mother Day

Topics: Mother, Coming out, Tell Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: October 24, 2011

While being pregnant , and having to tell the loved ones around me was major. I had also been suffering from a very deadly and hereditary disease, I was what some people call a functional alcoholic . And now finding out that I was also pregnant. While my disease was never a big deal to me and my life style. It was now a big change I was not prepared for, and there would be changes I could never prepare for. I couldn’t sleep, hot and cold sweats, withdraw, and shakes. It was now a struggle every day. Have to get out of bed after no sleep the night before, Attending work, having to be accountable for my actions. While most people call me “P” for short they know called me “2P” for two people and two many personalities. It was like being bipolar ok one minute and mad the next, and sometimes crying for no reasons.

The Mother’s Day that would change my life for ever. As the weeks slowly went by I had wonder on my mind. Not knowing where to start. Who could I or should I turn to? I held this new battle with in, that would forever change my life. Then it like who could I tell? Scare that if some knew they would walk way. The feeling of all this coming at once, with no support. I final came to face the truth. I was having a baby. While what I though would have been a total disappointment to many finally would never cross mind again.

It was a very early morning in may 2010. I drove to the closest all purpose drug store. To find out that I though I might of had some choices before this, but now I have to make all the decision to deal with my next steps. Which test is the best. Single, double, triple pack? Where would I go to take the test? Would I do this all on my own? I was crying for help in side. I knew finally at this point that I needed some help. I took my self to Linn Community Care Center to get a pregnancy test done. While I hoped I would find out that day. The nurses came in the room and told me they would be in contact with me...
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